Calving can bring unpredictable hours, stressed livestock and busy farmers.

Such a hectic time of year can lead to damaged gateways, costing farmers and staff time and money. Having the basics on hand before you need them will help lower stress levels.

Prepare yourself for the upcoming calving season and work smarter, not harder.

Gateways are often one of the most damaged areas during calving season. To help support farmers in a cost effective way, Taragate has created a Gateway Calving Survival Kit especially for Fieldays 2020.

Valued at over $395.00, the Taragate Gateway Survival Kit  Fieldays price is $350.00. This kit includes everything farmers might need for their gateways during the calving season including:


  • 10 x Heavy Duty Clip-Away Handles
  • 20 x Heavy Duty Activators
  • 10 x Taraconnect bungy cord connector system
  • 5 x Insulhooks
  • 1 x roll of Tarabungy Cord (50m)

Taragate Gateway products are durable, quick and easy to install, solving common calving season problems, including:

Handles and activators can be knocked off by farm vehicles or tramped over by stock. The extra heavy duty Clip-Away handle enables your bungy cord or gate tape to be kept off the ground and live even when the gate is open. This protects them from cattle chewing and mechanical damage.

The Taragate Heavy Duty Activator is an extra strength, purpose-built activator with four point fixing along with a hard wearing stainless steel contact point that won’t short out.

Tarabungy Cord gives farmers  the flexibility to put across both raceways and gateways. It is above industry standards, with six strands of stainless steel conductors and double skinned to reduce mechanical and weather damage.

Other Taragate products that help support farmers during calving season include:

Geared Reel:
When farmers or their staff are busy, geared reels help them to set up and take down fences quickly and with ease. The Taragate Geared Reel combines seven unique features *link* that have lead *name* to believe they are “the best in the world.” Our Fielday special is one reel for $69 plus GST or a box of four reels can be brought for $65 each plus GST.

Tarapost with Corner Insulator: Subdivide paddocks quickly and easily with our unique free standing Tarapost. For example, create four large or small breaks from the same post. While the corner insulator allows you to slice off small areas of paddock for colostrum cows. Our Fielday special is $68.90 inc. GST  and comes with free Tarapost Corner Insulator.