Power on the MOOve: Portable Solar Energisers

Solar Energisers are a great way to provide electric fencing in remote locations or where there is no mains power option for your fencing. However, due to their portability, solar energisers generally have a lower energy output (when compared to mains power units). Therefore, it is important to understand the components of a solar powered fence system to ensure that you get the best result out of your solar unit.

Some things to consider when looking for or installing a Solar Energiser are:

Battery: The Taragate Solar Energisers are supplied with a mains charger, this enables you to “pre-charge” the internal battery prior to use which ensures optimum performance from the get go. Especially during low light winter hours. Our S150 Solar Energiser comes with an internal lithium iron battery and puts out 0.15 joules.

Solar Panel: When in use, ensure the unit faces north, is free of shadows and has a clean surface to make the most of the solar energy available.

Earth: A good Earth is vital to ensure your electric fence works as it should by completing the circuit between the fence wire and the animal to deliver a shock. An earth peg should not be a rusty peg, pigtail standard, or waratah post. A galvanized waratah or T/Y post works well, or best of all a Taragate Tarapost! It is galvanized for good conductivity, has a 30cm central spike peg plus 3 outer pegs for stability, a reel mount and solar mount option, and its portable too.

Fence wire, tape or braid: Use high conductivity poly wire, tape or braid. We recommend using the highest spec your budget will allow. Stainless steel is a great conductor of electricity, it doesn't rust, and it doesn't break like aluminium wires, having more strands in your Polytape or Braid will result in greater conductivity. Tinned copper is added to our Plus range to allow even more efficient conductivity. At Taragate we have the following options available:

TaraWire 6 (6SS)

TaraTape 6 (6SS)

TaraBraid 6 (6SS)


TaraTape Plus (6SS+3TC)

TaraBraid 9 (9SS)



TaraBraid Plus (6SS + 3TC)


Check out my video here where I show you my Solar Energiser set up in the paddock.

Our Solar Energisers can be found on our webshop here.

Cheers, Colin

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