After 30 years in the electric fencing industry, Kerry Powell has seen a lot of new products come and go. Often, they are rarely original. But when he saw the prototype of the  Smartrigger ™ from TC fence systems at the New Zealand National Fieldays, Kerry was stopped in his tracks.

“I immediately loved the product,” Kerry recalled. “So I’ve been talking to Emile ever since and helping to guide him.”

Taragate already has a fool proof outrigger. It combines their insulator with the Space-Link to create a product that is secure and unshortable. Up until the Smartrigger, the company stayed away from outriggers, believing that none of them met the standard to work alongside their unique combination.

 That all changed with the Smartrigger. Some of the advantages they recognise include:

  • Easiest outrigger to install, flexes and bounces back when hit.
  • No plastic sleeves to become brittle and split or crack.
  • No middle joints to break leaving dangerous spikes.
  • Insulator carries a 10-year warranty.
  • Hot Tipped.
  • Can fit top, side or angled on a wooden post also fits concrete post.
  • In addition to the standard lengths there is a longer unit able to be used as a wand to hold deer off a boundary fence and also as a gate for travelling irrigators.

Taragate is proud to work alongside TC Fencing to bring this unique product to the attention of our loyal customers. With simplicity, durability and ingenuity at the heart of the Smartrigger, it compliments both Taragate’s products and its company ethos.