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About us

Farmers choice for over thirty years

Well known in the Kiwi farming community as developers and manufacturers of unique electric fence products Taragate was founded over thirty years ago. Based in the heartland of New Zealand’s premier dairy region, co-founders Kerry and Barbara Powell have successfully combined a background in intensive grassland dairy farming with a background in electrical technology to ensure all products developed offer significant points of advantage – the hallmark of the Taragate range.

Our products are very much end user focussed, designed to work hard and efficiently for the New Zealand farmer. As our flagship product the “Taragate Multi Strand Electric Gate” grew in popularity, so did our company and very quickly our first factory – a disused wool-shed on the farm – became too small to cope with the expanding product lines being developed. After moving to a 12-acre property a purpose-built industrial premises was built and is now the distribution headquarters as well as the testing ground for any new designs. Over the years, our high quality, easy to use products have built a reputation of excellence and with strong enduring relationships with other innovative companies, we are constantly introducing new products and finding ways to improve the old.  Many, designed by Kerry are unique to us. With a great following in NZ our products are also successfully sold in Australia, England, Scotland, Ireland, France as well as the USA, Central and South America.

Innovation in design and excellence in looking after our customers are the passions that drive us and our mission is to supply high-quality and reliable electric fencing to the world.

Kerry and Barbara Powell – Taragate Founders
Kerry and Barbara Powell – Taragate Founders