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SmartWand™ Deer Fence Protector 1m

SmartWand™ Deer Fence Protector 1m

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  • Product Description

    Available as single wand (each) or in 20 or 100 packs.

  • Product Features

    Festures of the SmartWand™ Deer Fence Protector include:

    • Extends one metre out from fence post
    • Electrified by hot wire running close to fence line – held by unique SmartInsulator™
    • Outrigger prevents deer from pacing along fence line
    • Protects your deer fence, netting and fence posts
    • Entire body is live – nothing to snap, crack or pop off
    • Electrified with unique SmartInsulators™ system
    • Easy secure install – insulator locked down with industrial screw
    • 10 year warranty on SmartInsulators™
    • Check out our video section for more information and Deer Trials