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Taragate™ 2-Strand Electric Gate – Kit

Taragate™ 2-Strand Electric Gate – Kit

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  • Product Description

    The original Taragate™ is an Award winning multi strand electric farm gate. Invented and developed by Kiwi dairy farmer Kerry Powell the Taragate™ is a proven performer and the preferred choice for NZ farmers for over thirty years.

    Our Taragate™ Multi-Strand Electric Farm Gates are compatible with all New Zealand electric fence systems. Made with permanent materials, the Taragate™ Multi-Strand Electric Gates are easy to use due to the one handle operation. The 2-Strand Electric Gate Kit comes with all of the componentry and you require for the installation, excluding the tape. This allows you flexibility to choose the tape width and type that suits your farm, and to make up the gate to fit any size or shape gateway. The Taragate™ 2-Strand Electric Gate is recommended for use with dairy cattle and horses. All of the plastic componentry is UV stabilised, and they are quick and easy to install!

    The Taragate™ 2-Strand Electric Farm Gate is designed to maintain tension over long spans with the transfer of any stress on to the polybow or tape. This protects the main body of the gate; leaving it intact, permanent and maintenance free.

  • Product Features
    • The kit fits any size or shape gate, because you choose your tape
    • It’s made with permanent materials and all plastic componentry is UV stabilised
    • The multi strands are operated by one handle for ease of use
    • Universal powering system for flexibility – add your choice and length of tape, the gate kit takes all width options of tapes or mesh
    • Tread in foot for drafting and ease of use (especially keeping the tape off the ground, and clear for gateway access while open)
    • Fibreglass Rod – for superior strength and longevity of the handle
    • The unique Taragate™ Ring Circuit ensures full power across the whole gate at all times
    • Accessories are also available: the TaraBuckle Range( Nylon Buckle/Metal Flat Buckle) are recommended for use with 40mm Tape

    Full spare parts back up are available

    Made in New Zealand

    We recommend using our TaraTape MegaGate Tape, designed specifically for farm gateways. 100m Roll, 20mm width with 10 stainless steel conductors.

    Alternative product options for the Taragate™ Multi-Strand Gate include kits for;  3 Strand (for beef cattle & calves),  4-strand (for sheep and smaller animals) Lifestyler (comes with Tape, for sheep and smaller animals).

  • Video Links

    Check out the demonstration of our 4-Strand Gate in use on the farm on our youTube channel via this link: