For over thirty years, Taragate has been committed  to bringing great deals to farmers.

We are excited to bring you our great geared reel deals for 2021!

One geared reel (pre-wound with either 500mt polywire or 200mt polytape for $69.50 plus GST or buy a box of four for $67.00 plus GST per reel

This limited-time offer has been extended for Fieldays so farmers can prepare themselves for the busy calving season in a cost-effective way.

Thousands of Taragate Geared Reels have been sold around the world.  American Grazier and social media influencer Greg Judy believes them to be “ the best in the world.”

While there are a raft of Geared Reels available on the market, we’ve highlighted seven ways the Taragate Geared Reel stands out.

1.Reel holding you back? The Taragate geared reel’s unique spool lock only locks when you want it to. This secure design puts the power and safety back in your hands.

2. Floppy wire guides not doing their job? The Taragate Geared Reels have a unique patented front mounted wire guide so that your polywire or tape remain tangle-free.

3. Working too hard? The Taragate Geared Reel has a longer crank handle for smooth and easy winding.

4. Tight or seized gear boxes? Taragate’s Geared Reels have a proven durability and reliability with thousands sold.

5. Shocking slippery handles? The Taragate Geared reel has a non-slip carry handle for your safety.

6. Unreliable fence anchoring? The Taragate Geared Reel insul-hook has a unique double hook to double your security by fitting snuggly to the fence wire.

Powerless polywires or tape? Conductors in the Taragate polywire and tape are above industry standards to ensure greater conductivity.
Taragate Geared Reel with Polywire