Winter Planning on the Farm

Take time to think and plan.

June on the farm is often a quieter time where the opportunity exists to relax a little and reflect on what has worked well in the past and think about what can be improved to make your farming operation more efficient for the year ahead. New equipment or products are evaluated for the benefits they can bring. Just as important is taking time to assess the relationships you have or can form with the people you do business with. Do they really understand farming and the products you need?  Do they really value your business and make every effort to make your life a little easier? Are they really good to deal with?

Our customers consistently tell us at Taragate the importance of product knowledge and product accessibility is a main concern when making purchasing decisions.

Taragate co-founder Barbara Powell says “even though farmers might be disappointed not to be able to attend Fieldays this June, Taragate is covering all the bases with new products, great deals and new ways of doing business as Covid has changed everything”.

Taragate has had a number of new products in development which will be released over the coming months.  A ‘Dead or Alive’ handle is now added to the range as well as a retractable 19 metre tape gate – great for feed pads and controlling stock around yards.

The recently released ZerO range of fence standards including an all-new Live Post is now available.

‘No farming operation is the same, and Taragate is very much focussed on tailoring packages to suit individual requirements. At the moment concentrating on Winter Grazing Deals. As a smaller manufacturer we are nimble enough to do this quickly and efficiently. Our website makes it easy; you can choose where you purchase and goods can be delivered to store or to your door. Most importantly, we know farming and we have some excellent deals.  Barbara says talk to us, you’ll find us great to deal with.

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