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Tararod Rod Insulator (25 pack)

Tararod Rod Insulator (25 pack)

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  • Product Description

    Tararod Rod Insulator is designed for use on fibreglass rods or pigtail standard shafts.

    Taragate™ insulators offer quality with out compromise.  All Taragate™ insulators are manufactured from high UV resistant compound and are designed to perform to todays high energy outputs.  Many Taragate™ insulators feature extra long tracking distances and extra deep body to hold wire further off the post as well as a double shield system.  Made to last.

  • Product Features

    Features of the Tararod Rod Insulator include:

    • Quick fit – up to 15mm (5/8’) rod
    • Double shield – long tracking distance
    • Deep body – stands wire further off post
    • Sleek open design – won’t trap dirt or water
    • Install or replace with ease – two pieces screw together to form tight fit
    • Easy tightening – longer nut lugs robust thread that won’t strip
    • Superior UV stabilised compound